First Aid/Claims


An accident often is just around the corner, but will cost your company an arm and a leg when you are unable to provide the correct support.

EHBO Support provides EHBO training for companies in accordance with the regulations of the Dutch Resuscitation Council, the Orange Cross and Red Cross organisations.



Our instructors will educate your personnel, when necessary supported by actors, in;

  • Resuscitation (Basic Life Support)
  • Basic First Aid (including Resuscitation & A.E.D)
  • Advanced First Aid

In addition to this we will create, on request, “Made to Order” training in accordance with the nature of and working methods within your company.

We are also able to assist by arranging special training days for your personnel.

Our Prices will depend on the number of people attending, location, training(facilities) and requested documentation. Our Invoices will state 21% VAT always,

Please use our inquiry form to contact us:

Note: Be aware that by filling in the contact form you will give EHBO Support permission to use the information for communication concerning the training, invoicing and certification.